Vehicles for transfers from / to the hotel and private transfers between cities (except when public transportation is being used) and visits depends on the number of clients.

  • 2 pax. Tourism with 5 nominal seats.
  • 3-6 pax. Minivan with 11 nominal seats.
  • 7-14 pax. Coster with 22 nominal seats.
  • 15-20 pax. Coster with 35 nominal seats.
  • 20 + pax. Bus with 44 nominal seats.
  • Buses can not enter in some places like Angkor Thom. In this case, groups should be divided into smaller vehicles.
    We use nominal seats of licence. We are counting those seats which are occupied by the driver and the guide (if it is included in the itinerary) as well as some uncomfortable seats that we do not use.
    Usually space for luggage is not enough which means that part of it should be putted on the seats that we do not use.
    When vehicles are used only for visits, the number of people per vehicle may increase because we do not need space for luggage.
    All vehicles have air conditioning.
    Depending on the year's season and places to visit with difficult access (especially for transfers between two cities and visits included in "Exploring Cambodia" programs) we may use vans or 4x4.


    Car for 2 people

    Mini Van


    Tipical Tuc tuc

    Mini bus to visit the temples


    Bus VIP 45 seats

    Inside VIP bus


    Boat ride on Tonle Sap River
    Motor boats made of wood with roof, chairs or stools. Boat trip's timing varies depending on the visits.

    Boat ride on Kampi (near Kroche)
    Small wooden canoes with oars or motor with no roof and seats. The boat trip until a central island of the river depends on the time (1h 15min one way).

    Boat ride on Ven Sai
    Motor canoes made of wood with no roof and seats (about 40min one way). We use these ones to get to Tampuan cemetery.

    Boat ride on Takeo
    Motor canoes or boats with no roof and seats (about 45min one way) for visiting temples of Angkor Borei and Phnom Da.


    Boat in Tonle Sap Lake


    Korean or Japanese buses with 48, 32 and 19 seats depending on the route and demand they have. All of them have air conditioning.
    Luggage travels in the trunk. Hand baggage usually must travel under seats because there is no enough space inside the bus to put all of them.
    Each seat has number.
    Smoking inside the bus is forbidden.
    Many companies have toilet inside buses.

    Mekong Express Limousine to Siem Reap and Sihanoukville

    Hoan Lean to the rest of destinations


    We use regular domestic flights in tourist class in the case that flight ticket is included in the itinerary.


    Cambodian Angkor Air


    If the clients want a different kind of transportation, we can offer brains like "Mercedes" for VIP clients, 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser and so on.
    There is also an helicopter service for enjoying a great bird's eye view of the Angkor Wat temples.


    Lexus 4x4

    Ancient car still working


    Helicopter over Angkor Wat

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